Balanced conditions in April for Downtown condo market

Vancouver’s downtown condo and townhouse real estate market saw a 5% increase in condo sales, an inventory increase of 7%, and a decrease in sale prices of 4% in April compared to March. 

downtown vancouver condo trends

Current trends put the downtown, Yaletown, and Westend markets in “balanced” market conditions. Coal Harbour remains in “Buyer’s” market conditions. 

How do we know? List to Sales Ratio 

  • A buyer’s market has a 0-12% list to sales ratio
  • A balanced market has a 12-20% list to sales ratio
  • A seller’s market has a 21% or greater list to sales ratio

Neighbourhood Breakdown

  • Downtown 16% with 353 listings and 58 sales 
  • Westend 14% with 210 listings and 29 sales
  • Yaletown 12% with 248 listings and 29 sales  
  • Coal Harbour 6% with 158 listings and 10 sales

The BIGGER picture

The overall list to sales ratio for all of Vancouver downtown was 13% in April, the same as March. 
Here’s the breakdown for Vancouver Downtown condos and townhomes in April:

  • The most active price range was for homes between $300k-$400K (50% sales to list ratio)
  • Homes are selling on average at 5% below list price
  • Buyer’s Best Bet: Homes between $1.75K to $2M/ $5M plus Coal Harbour and 3  bedroom properties
  • Seller’s Best Bet: Selling Homes in the Downtown neighbourhood and up to 1 bedroom properties. 

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All stats derived from Dean Wegman & SnapStats.