Looking for a home bargain? Try a stigmatized property 


On the morning of December 6, 1959, Dr. Harold Perelson walked into the master bedroom where his wife, Lilian, slept and bashed in her skull with a ball-peen hammer. The deed done, he padded down the hall, locked himself in the bathroom, and took his own life with a lethal cocktail of acid and tranquilizers.

In the decades following this tragedy, the property, dubbed the “Los Feliz Murder Mansion,” fell into a state of uninhabited disrepair. Then, in 2016, a serial entrepreneur and tech investor named Braden Pollock purchased it for a steal at a probate auction.

Following the sale, Pollock made big plans to renovate the house and move into the master bedroom — the very same room where Lilian was brutally murdered 60 years earlier. He had no qualms about the house’s checkered past; he just wanted a screamin’ deal on a fixer-upper. 

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