Downtown Vancouver condo & townhouse sales bottomed June 2018 and now recovering 

Condo and townhouse sales in Vancouver downtown Westside aren't anywhere near the highs of 2016 but have been on the rise for the past 6 months.   It appears the market bottomed in June last year with fewer than 600 sales that month, a low only beaten once in the past 10 years by March 2009. Since June last year sales have been increasing steadily with many Realtors and economists expecting a strong rebound in 2020.   The greatest demand has been for 1 bedroom condo's and those homes priced under $700K. There has also been a rebound in the high end condo & townhouse market with a 44% increase in homes priced between $1 million to $4 million (CityNews).    

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All stats derived from Dean Wegman & REBGV