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Restaurant Spotlight: Raincity Grill

We thought we'd kick off our restaurant review with the classic Raincity Grill. It's probably the best Pacific Northwest Fare you'll ever eat. Prepared with as much local and organic ingredients as possible you can count on sampling many things that didn't travel long distances to get to your plate. But even if they did travel along way you'd still enjoy them because the food here is world class. One of the best viewing deck of English Bay, you'll want to visit on a warm evening and sample fine cheese, wine, fresh baked bread with homemade butter and the best seafood and vegetables that you can find in the West End and probably all of Vancouver's downtown. 

Local Events: Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival

This event has been held for the past 20 years at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre but has been going on since 1988. Expect to see the world's best wine labels showcased with amazing food as well as competitions and talks that will leave you with a complete new outlook on the world of wine.

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