Townhomes For Sale

For many people living in Vancouver single family homes are simply too expensive but don’t lose hope … we have the next best thing, townhouses! What’s a townhouse? A townhouse by definition is a home that has one or more shared exterior walls with a neighbouring unit or building, is multilevelled (2 or more floors) , and has its own private entrance. They are referred to as “row” houses in other countries like the UK and found in urban areas. Often the appeal is a larger outdoor space and a lifestyle very similar to that of living in a house.

Townhouses in downtown Vancouver can include one bedroom properties as small as 500 to 600 square feet, but typically include two or more bedrooms, and are found at street level. There are however townhomes on the upper most levels of buildings where there are common area courtyards.

Currently downtown townhomes in Vancouver start in the $600K range and go well above $10 million. The current average list price is approximately $2 million, and medial list price is $1.5M (September 2019 REBGV stats centre).

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